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Men who have sex with men (MSM), also known as males who have sex with males, are male males and engaging in sex with other men. In some countries, homosexual relationships may be illegal or taboo, making MSM difficult to reach.
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Rather, gay sex is more like firing up your PlayStation and playing Fallout 4.

There's More Than One Way for Gay Men to Have Sex - GQ

To limit oneself to just a single flavor is to shut out a smorgasbord of new experiences. Of course, culturally and historically, gay men have been narrowed down where the act of sex itself defines us.

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But really, if we minimize anal sex and place it on the same shelf as oral or masturbation, how much pressure would that alleviate? Anyone can get HIV if they have unprotected sex, but gay men are one of the highest risk groups. Women who have only ever had sex with women are at low risk. You can't catch HIV by kissing someone.

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Using a condom during sex is one of the best ways to avoid getting HIV, as well as other sexually transmitted infections STIs. Don't use an oil-based lubricant as it can damage the condom, making it more likely to split. Use a water-based lubricant, such as KY Jelly, instead. The most common treatment for HIV involves taking between one and four pills a day.

The Biggest Myth About Gay Sex

But there's no cure for HIV, so you'll probably need to take the medication for the rest of your life. Your treatment and medication will need to be reviewed on a regular basis. A simple blood test can determine whether you have HIV. It can take up to three months after being infected to detect the virus, so you may need to have another test to be sure. There are various places you can get tested, including your GP surgery or a sexual health clinic.

If you're a gay man and you've had unprotected sex, it's important that you have a test. For women, this means not going too butch, usually. For men, it means not going too femme, and also, not being too slutty. Society likes to keep gay teens sexless.

Now go get tested!

The message is clear across all media: Everyone has lots of vocal fun. No one ever flags until they finish. Of course, porn is fantasy, and the men in these videos do massive prep for these scenes.

Standardised sexual imagery, it turns out, is just bananas with abs. So queer women have to navigate male sexuality whether or not it interests them. And that leaves queer teens in sex-education classes in an awkward place. Queer teens can only turn to porn.

Three Reasons Gay Guys Are More Likely To Get HIV

The good news is that, in some places, things are changing. I was thrilled to hear it.

Brunei adopts death penalty for gay sex and adultery

I may have even become a little teary, thinking about a class of young queer people who get a real sexual education that applies to them.